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In this 46th verse and dharana technique Shiva says:

United in excitement with Shakti

Experience the ultimate bliss of Brahman

The bliss of own self that is Shiva


In the previous two techniques Shiva outlined the rise of kundalini, first through the sushumna nadi generally creating excitement, and then through the manipuraka and anahata chakras stabilizing this excitement. In this technique Shiva explains the process of uniting with Shakti at the third eye center, the ajna chakra.

Ajna chakra is technically the sixth and last chakra, in the hierarchy of seven chakras. The last chakra sahasrara is more the gateway where Shakti unites with Shiva.  Tantra considers ajna as the master chakra which controls all others. Physiologically, ajna relates with the pituitary gland, which controls all other glands in the body mind space.

Ajna is the point where duality ends. A lotus with two petals symbolizes ajna. The self and Self, male and female, mind and body, Me and We merge here. Ego drops. Mind body disappears. Mindlessness appears. At this point final union of ida, pingala and sushumna, the three energy flows happens. Though crisscrossing each other at the five lower chakras, here they unite for good.

It may be a good practice to combine all these three techniques outlines in these three verses and practice as part of one chakra energization meditation. I teach people to visualize a ball of energy (of any color one chooses) radiating from the muladhara chakra, allowing it to gently rise to swadishthana, manipuraka, anahata, vishuddhi and finally ajna. At the intermediate points of manipuraka and anahata one should visualize as instructed by Shiva in the last verse, burning of all desires and fears at the manipuraka at the navel center, and radiate love and compassion stabilized at the anahata heart center, and then move to the third eye point of ajna to visualize the union of mind and body with energy. I find yoga nidra a good platform to practice these meditation.

Those who have an interest can mail me for the guided meditation recording of this technique.