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In this 47th verse and technique of Vigyana Bhairava Tantra Shiva says:

To experience the bliss of woman without Shakti

Experience memories of love making 

Swell into Shakti’s bliss

Much of the misconception about Tantra being related to sex arises from this verse and technique of Shiva. Sex is a part of nature. It is essential for propagation of any species. All species except human treat sex as natural.

It’s the human conditioning, especially arising from a few religious beliefs, which has made the concept of sex, whether in thought, feeling or action improper. These beliefs consider it fine behind closed doors and with no joy. Sex is fine for procreation but not for joy.

Shiva explodes that myth. He exploded it several thousand years ago. Sex is bliss, he says. It is fine as well he says to visualize that bliss without a woman. This may turn many crazy.

I do not know of any normal human being, here i can evidentially vouch for many men I have spoken to  and some women, who at one point in time or another is spiritual seeking has not been overwhelmed by sexual thoughts. There is a famous Zen story on this.

A young adolescent novice in his teens goes to his master and says: you tell me to think pure thoughts, but all i can think of while trying to mediate is nubile women and what i can do with them. This drives me crazy.

The wise master reflects and says: You know, my son, i have the same problem, and I am seventy-five. Let us go to my master who is over hundred, and ask if he has a solution.

Zen masters are truthful. I am not sure if many sanyasis and sanyasinis would admit to these lapses, or priests of any religious denomination for that matter. Keep sex behind closed doors and closed minds is the spoken commandment of most religions.

I love Shiva. I love his honesty. I love his courage. He is the ultimate man, and also the woman.

He says express yourself in sex. If you cannot find a partner, visualize and experience the bliss. Love making too is yoga, union. It is only when the mind is suppressed, and conditioning plants thoughts of impropriety concerning sex that we become impure.

In the Ascent, Satyasangananda Saraswati says that this technique applies only to those who have experienced sex, since only those who have can visualize this experience. I am not quite sure I agree, as experienced by the young Zen novice. Hormones, even if suppressed, create visions. In the traditional Vedic system before Shankara, sanyas, renunciation, followed a fulfilled married life and a disengaging reverse honeymoon phase. Only after experiencing a fulfilled sex life did our ancestors give it up. Even today the Vaishnava system follows this principle. Only married persons can become the heads of religious institutions in this system.

For whatever reason Shankara created the dashanami order of sanyasins in which one could without experiencing sex can give it up. Shankara, like Shiva, is a role model for me. I am sure there was a reason for him to do this, perhaps to combat the rising influence of Buddhist and Jain monks. This may have also created monsters.

One needs to consider which is evil, sex or hypocrisy?