Schoolchildren eat their free midday meal at a primary school in India

I acknowledge this graphic from the Internet.

In this 49th verse and technique of the Vigyana Bhairava Tantra, Shiva says:

Eat, drink and be joyful

Be fulfilled in taste 

Experience the bliss of Shiva

Shiva provides each one of us a technique to reach fulfilment and joy, and to cater to each sense. He knows that some of us are visual, some auditory, some kinesthetic, some gustatory and some olfactory. This technique addresses those of us sensitive to taste and smell, and possibly to feel and sight as well.

The key instruction here is about being fulfilled. A person eating a simple meal has a far greater probability of being fulfilled by the meal than a rich diner at a fancy restaurant being served a gourmet meal.

A burnt out wall street banker was advised by his doctor to take a break and spend a few weeks just doing nothing. The banker decided to go fishing, picked a far away exclusive highly rated resort, packed his designer gear and left. The concierge directed him to a nearby stream he could stroll down to and fish, and sent him off with a basket of food and fine wine. The banker spent most of the morning without catching a single fish, even as he watched an old man in a frayed shirt and shorts sitting downstream from him with an improvised stick for a rod and a can of worms regularly catching fish and throwing most of them back in the river. 

Seeing the stranger watching him, the old man beckoned him over, had him sit by his side and lent him his rod to fish. Soon, the banker was having the time of his life.  As they chatted over a simple lunch of freshly grilled fish with the beer the old man had brought with him, the banker suggested that the old man visit him in New York, and said he could make a lot of money teaching rich bankers his simple style of fishing.

The old man smiled and asked what he would do with the money. The banker said you will be rich and happy, realizing even as he said the words how hollow they sounded. Turned out the old man was an ex banker who now owned the resort the banker was staying in!

Money, rich good and great wine don’t make one happy.  Fulfillment does!

How many of us focus on the food we eat and what we drink? Even as we eat, we watch TV, read newspapers, chat with others and focus on everything but the food. We treat the food as garbage, something we shovel in. In turn the food turns to garbage within us. Most of our ailments are because of the way we eat, rather than what we eat. If we eat caring for what we eat and drink, joyfully and with satisfaction, savoring what we eat, tasting and smelling, seeing and feeling, we would all be fulfilled, happy and healthy.

Stay focused at your next meal, and the one after.