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In this 50th verse and dharana technique Shiva says:

Focus on a music or another pleasure of the sense

in joy going beyond the mind

One with Shiva in bliss

I pay homage to one who I revere as the expression of divinity in music. MS Subbulakshmi, MS to the millions who worship her sound, embodies this technique of Shiva. Those who listen and get lifted to a world beyond this, experience what Shiva says in this verse.

Shiva does not limit himself to music or sound alone in this technique. In the earlier verse and technique on food and drink the sense that was left out was sound, and so he mentions that specifically here. However, it can be any other sense that brings the person pleasure, on which one can focus, and be lifted into a space beyond the mind.

Of the five senses, smell relates to the earth energy and muladhara chakra, taste to water energy and swadishthana, sight to fire energy and manipuraka, touch to air energy and anahata and sound to space energy and vishuddhi. Energy of akasa or space is the subtlest among the five energies called pancha bhutas, and the most potent. Of the senses, sound has the power to lift us closer to mindless energy.

Anyone who has studied, practiced or seriously experienced music knows its energy to transport one to a state of joy and peace that is incomparable to any other sensual experience. Unlike most others sensual experiences, the joy of music lingers. More intense one’s experience of music, more focused one becomes. We close our eyes to shut off visual distractions and see as if with our ears. While this is true of other non visual sensory perceptions as well,  intensity can be higher and longer lasting with music and sound.

Any classical music, Eastern, Western or Indian, provides this experience. Unfortunately, what goes by the name of music in such genres as metal, acid rock and such other is noise not music, and will take you to a zone far from what Shiva talks about here.

Listen to any music you love, anything classical, not rock or metal, and you will find the bliss of Shiva.