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In this 59th verse and dharana of Vigyana Bhairava Tantra, Shiva Says: 

Moving the body slowly

Keeping the mind still

Achieve Shiva state

Shiva’s message is simple. Move the body and keep mind still! Become bodyless and mindless!!

The Sufi dervishes whirl to achieve this state. Try it. It’s a very powerful process in letting body and mind go. In every religion and tradition there are similar practices. Several of the Hindi bhakti singers go into a trance like state moving and undulating as they sing, tears streaming down their face in ecstasy.

I learnt a technique running on the spot with mind focused on one of the chakra centers. It’s a highly energizing technique that achieves both the purpose of exercise and meditation! I even trained a few marathon runners for stamina and endurance using this technique.

Once the mind focuses on one point, as in dharana or dhyana, body movement seems to enhance the focus, awareness and stillness in mind, with the body on autopilot.

At one level, dancing is meditation. When a dancer is in the flow, rules don’t apply. The Shiva Tandava, based on which the concept of Nataraja arose, is the ultimate in dance, one of complete action and inaction, kinetic and potential. At another, dancing takes us within with rhythmic swaying as if into a trance. Osho used this effectively in his satsangs. Many of Osho’s dynamic meditations feature some form of dancing.

It is as though a cellular rearrangement takes place, while at the same time the brain waves slowing down, allowing us to naturally experience what others seek in drugs.

Shiva recommends this for mindlessness. Just do this, keep moving, fast or slow is immaterial, as long as the body moves, all the time with your attention on the heart, throat or third eye point. Feel the difference.