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In this 60th verse and dhyana of Vigyana Bhairava Tantra Shiva says:

Staring fixedly at the sky for long

Unblinking with stilled mind

Reach Shiva state

The sky is an infinite expanse without beginning or end. The horizon we see limiting it is our mind map. The sky in Sanskrit is akasa, which also means the infinite space. Those who have travelled to space confirm its spacelessness. One also knows from physics it’s timeless.

Gazing at the sky is gazing into the infinite, timeless, spaceless space. Mind and body drop. Whatever remains is energy. This has been Shiva’s message in several techniques. All lead to mindlessness, some through sight as in this, the previous one through kinesthetic sense, another earlier through posture, and one before through sound. Each when practised with our preferred sensory route leads to mindlessness.

Shiva provides these multiple options to suit our inherent mind preferences to move out of the mind!

If you are near the sea or in the mountains, sit out in the early mornings or late evenings watching the sky, merely observing as a witness, not specifically focusing on anything. Move beyond the limits of the sky as your eyes see, and gradually your depth of perception will increase and ironically your field of perception as well.  You will be looking at a vast expanse with no detail. Even with your eyes open gazing towards this expanse, you will move inwards in awareness.

Each of has a preferred sensory perception. Some of us are visual and can grasp more easily what we see. We express ourselves through visual words, such as see, observe, look, watch etc. NLP says that a high pitched voice stimulates visual mode, and breathing then becomes shallow and from above the throat.

An auditory person prefers to listen and hear, using words that are: listen, talk, say, hear etc more often. In NLP terms a normal tone of voice raises the auditory focus and brings breathing below the throat towards the chest.

Some of us are kinesthetic. We use words such as feel, move, walk, sense etc to express ourselves more clearly. In NLP terms a low tone of voice leads to kinesthetic state and the breathing becomes deep and from the solar plexus or below. In this state, one’s unconscious mind is more open.