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In this 61 st verse and dharana Shiva says:

Absorbing the space in the forehead

Essence of light pervades

Reaching Shiva consciousness

In transmitting Shiva in this verse and technique I differ from the interpretation given in Bihar School of Yoga’s The Ascent, which has generally been a reference for me.

I differ on two points, one where Swami Sangananada Saraswati relates the ajna chakra to space element, and the other to chidakasha, the inner awareness. I have referred to another authority on this. Laxman Joo, without much clarity emerging. So, right or wrong, i shall go with what comes to me as I practise this technique.

The ajna chakra, the third eye energy center, has been traditionally considered to be beyond the five elemental entities of earth, water, fire, air and space, which relate to the five lower chakras from muladhara or root to vishuddhi or throat. Ajna is the energy beyond space, which relates to Atman, the holographic image in the individual of the universal energy Brahman.

Mandukya Upanishad relates the ajna chakra space to the jagrat or waking state consciousness, which may correspond with the gross body awareness of bhutakasha rather than the inner space awareness of chidakasha.

Of course, my knowledge is limited. Rather than getting entangled in these definitions, I would like to look at the third eye point as the space of intuition. With our awareness resting at this point, if we expand our mind space to the space beyond body and mind into that of energy, we expand into a light space that illumines and expands our consciousness to the Fourth State of Turiya.

I have practised this technique with a breathing technique of inhaling, holding, exhaling and holding, visualizing the universal energy to fill the mind body while inhaling and holding, allowing the mind to expand beyond the body boundary while exhaling and dissolving into the energy beyond while holding post exhalation, all the while focusing on the ajna chakra visualizing it as an intense light source.

This technique takes us into a mindless state.