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In this 62nd verse of the Vigyana Bhairava Tantra Shiva says:

Know a little of duality, light and darkness

Move beyond to the endless presence of Shiva

And experience the splendor

Shiva and Shakti are dual and yet single. The form is dual, whereas the content is one. The singularity of that ultimate expression of Isa or Ishwara, pure energy, separates as the passive and active principles of Shiva and Shakti. In life too everything is dual, both from subjective and objective reality, till we move beyond the form.

All human conflicts arise from this duality. Animals, unless domesticated, do not have this problem. Nature endows them with the wisdom of focusing on survival and nurturing instincts, without arguing about belief systems. Humans, on the other hand, constantly bicker about differential mind maps, where the territory has been filtered by conditioning and distorted into beliefs and values. We kill one another when we differ on beliefs. No other creature does.

A wise old man was browsing through the commentaries on Brahma Sutra and came upon one written by Shankara from  a non dual advaita context, and another by Ramanuja from a duality or dvaita perspective. He asked the shop owned what the difference was. The man promptly said, ten dollars! Same probably true of the difference between the scriptures of one religion and another, and yet more wars have been fought and more human lives lost on these differences.

Unfortunately, objective reality rarely exists. All we perceive is subjective, however much we may claim to be non judgmental. In Patanjali’s Ashtanga Yoga, one moves from subjective reality to objective disengagement only in the eight stage of samadhi. Till the seventh state of dhyana or meditation, we are still caught in the subjective experience.

The principle of duality is very positively used in Tao, as the yin yang principle, which is seemingly opposing but complementary and holistic. The Shiva Shakti concept of Ardhanariswara is based on this as well. The third eye point of ajna chakra represents this duality as the two petalled lotus.  Once we move beyond the ajna, we are in pure bliss, sahasrara.

Science claims to be objective. It rarely is, since scientists rarely are non judgmental. It’s the rare scientist who does not collect evidence to support the hypothesis. Quantum Physics proves that even sub atomic particles are influenced by subjective observation. 

Moving beyond this subjective imprisonment requires effort. Shiva here guides us to the witnessing state, the Fourth State of Turiya and Samadhi. having experienced the duality, he says, move beyond it. From meditation, which is still of the mind, move to the no mind. In the mindless state, we do not experience, merely witness. In deep meditation, this happens on its own.