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In this 69th verse and dharana from Vigyana Bhairava Tantra Shiva says

Contemplate with no mind

Becoming rid of mind perceptions

Become mindless in Shiva

From this verse i shall speak only of my own experiential understanding of what Shiva says.

It may not at all be what Shiva says. It may be very different from what you think Shiva says. It is your call

to accept my version or not. In fact, i would recommend that you don’t accept it. Contest it, reflect on it and come to your own

experiential wisdom.

My wisdom, when imparted as knowledge to you, is pure garbage, unless you experience it and accept it, when it becomes wisdom.

So it is with Shiva’s sutras. To Devi, who is an integral part of him, it is imparted wisdom. To you and I it is garbage unless we

internalise it as your experience and gain wisdom.


This dharana, i believe, is the basis of the concept of the sunya or no mind of Buddha, leading later to the no mind concept in Zen.

I call this the mindless state, causing endless confusion amongst the melevers of mindfulness.


Thanks to some superficial understanding of Buddha’s sunya and Zen no mind, the concept of mindlessness is accepted today by many as

a Buddha teaching. Far from it. Mindfulness is not the void or sunya Buddha talked about. Mindfulness is about focus, concentration and such

like mind based activities. It is about engaging the ego. It is a concept that finds favor with the rational, analytical, thinking people as it resonates

with their need to engage the mind.


The no mind is about dropping the mind, disengaging the mind.  Patanjali uses this sutra to define samadhi , the ultimate no mind state of disengaging

the mind as a witness. samadhi equals no mind equals  void equals sunya. It is when we move from dharana and dhyana, both focusing techniques of mindfulness

that we move to the next state of mindlessness. Mindfulness is knowledge, mindlessness is wisdom. Mindfulness is intelligence, mindlessness is intuition.


Mindfulness is good to start with, but not to end at. Mindlessness, the no mindstate is where Shiva rests. That is what we try to represent in the Coacharya symbol,

as the congruence of sunya, the void, and purna, the fulfilled energy state. Both are the same, the Shiva state!