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Moving away from delusion

Understanding nature one’s elements

Realise you are Shiva


In this 70th verse and dharana of Vigyana Bhairava Tantra, Shiva helps us to move away from maya, delusion.


Maya, delusion, is probably the Original Sin the Bible talks about. We stop realising the truth of who we are

and what we are because of maya. We separate from one another and the Source. Perhaps this what happened to

Adam and Eve and all of creation when the veil of ignorance and delusion disconnected us from the divinity of

the energy source we spring from.


Different schools of philosophy deal with this delusion differently. The Sankhya philosophy of Hinduism talks about

the duality of Purusha and Prakriti, when talking about Existence, and Prakriti as the source of maya. Maya in turn is

said to consist of five other aspects such as limited powers of action, limited knowledge, likes and dislikes, limited time and

limited free will. If one becomes aware of one’s unlimited potential, none of these limitations apply.


Buddhism deals with this through Buddha’s concept of desires as the starting point of all sorrows in life. Being aware of desires

one can learn to like without being controlled by them. In a sense this corresponds to the Gita concept of acting without being

attached to results.


Christianity considers everyone a sinner, reflecting the truth that we are unaware of our true divinity. Whatever philosophy or religion

one believes in, the reality one lives is different from the reality of timeless existence. We live and experience an impermanent reality that

ends with our limited existence, and one that varies during this limited existence.


What if, Shiva asks, we move out of this delusion and look at ourselves as holographic slivers of the timeless Existence where we arise from.

This is what Bhagavan Ramana taught as Self Enquiry, constantly asking oneself Who Am I? Am I really this perishable body and wavering mind?

If that were so, how do I relate to the timeless Existence? If i do spring from the unlimited energy of this timeless existence, am I not more than

this body and mind?


Who am I then?


Once we start asking this question, there is only one answer: I am Shiva.