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In this 71st verse and dharana, Shiva says:


Stop desires as they flash into mind

Absorb within where they arise from

Moving into Shiva state


Desires are unending. As long as we breathe, we desire. As Buddha says, these desires lead us to sorrow.

The reason they lead us to sorrow is that while we have the unlimited power to realize our desires, we

block ourselves through conditioned beliefs that contradict our desires.


Every desire that comes up within us has a mirrored fear about what if that desire were to come true.

If I desire to be wealthier than my neighbor, there is always a fear either of losing that wealth some day

as another neighbor did, or that i would be not as rich as a third neighbor. Fear and greed coexist like day

and night within us.


Krishna says in the Gita to execute these desires through actions, since nothing in existence sustains without action.

Krishna says to surrender the fruits of the actions to him. Disengage from the results, not from desires and consequent

actions, he says.


Here, Shiva says something seemingly different. stop those desires that flash within you, he says, and turn them back in.

This is only seemingly different from what Krishna says, not really. Shiva’s technique is to track the desires to their source.

In the process, desires lose their power over us. They no longer control us. We may still execute them, but without attachment.


Our conditioning as we grow up create desires that we borrow from others. When we arrive in this world, we land with limited liabilities.

Hindu scriptures term these prarabda karma. As we grow, we add desires as we watch others. These are agamya karma. Our purpose in

life is to work out all our liabilities and leave free. Instead, we add to our liabilities.  This in Hindu and Buddhist philosophy leads to the

cycle of endless births. As long as we end our limited lives with liabilities, we return to work them out. Instead, we add to these liabilities

and return!


Shiva gives us the technique to stop coming back. This is what every spiritual seeker looks for, the ultimate release. Once we go deep into

the source of our desires, we find them to be non existent. All meditation is based on this principle. Track thoughts to their source and they

disappear. Whether TM or Vipassana or Zazen, all such techniques train us to observe our thoughts without getting engaged with them, and

eventually trace them to the Source and eliminate them. All meditations started with Shiva!