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In this 74th dharana of Vigyana Bhairava Tantra Shiva says

Knowledge is baseless and deceptive

When individual and not absolute

Knowing this reach Shiva state

There is a famous story of a learned professor who goes to a Zen master to learn. As the master offers him tea,

the professor launches on his knowledge non-stop. The master keeps pouring tea in the cup, even as it overflows.

‘Stop’ shouts the professor, ‘the cup is overflowing’.

‘So are you’ says the master.

All of us have overflowing minds. Knowledge is considered supreme. Measurement of knowledge is the prerogative of

the knowing, and they decide who knows. In today’s knowledge age, all that matters is for others to acknowledge us as


What do we know really? What use is our knowledge? Shiva says all knowledge is baseless, useless and misleading.

Quantum Physics supports Shiva. There is nothing in this universe that is certain. Everything is a probability.

It may be or may not be.

Knowledge bound by time and space is relative. It belongs to an individual, a situation and a time and place. It is irrelevant

to another person, another situation, another time and place. Every interaction we have in this life is relative, and therefore

baseless and irrelevant universally. All the memories we hold, all the conditioned reflexes that we term cumulatively as knowledge

is mere garbage.

The concept of mindfulness advocated by new age philosophers is garbage too. It is restricted to a time and place, here and now. Those

priding themselves on being in the present miss the point. Being in the present must be without the knowledge base of the mind, without

judgment and evaluation. The present state must be mindless for it to transcend the barriers of knowledge.


Mindlessness is wisdom. Mindfulness is knowledge. Mindlessness is absolute, the Shiva state. Mindfulness is garbage, the human state.

A true scientist, a true philosopher, a true artist, anyone aspiring to be in an authentic state of wholeness goes beyond the mind or mindful

state into a mindless state of flow. Knowledge is irrelevant here. Those who have been in this state can vouch for that. They do not operate from

what they know. They don’t even know what they do. They just are.


This is the state beyond knowledge, the mindless Shiva state.