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In this 76th dharana verse (and 101 general verse) of the Vigyana Bhairava Tantra Shiva says

Focus unwaveringly at 

Lust, anger, greed, delusion and envy

Reveal essence in Shiva state


Mind, life, universe, divinity and whatever else one may wish to look at and analyse, all comprise

positives and negatives, as we perceive them. In nature, there are no positive and negatives. Things

merely are.

Wind, water, sun and earth sustain and nurture. Storms, tsunamis, sunstroke and earth quakes kill

thousands and million. There is no difference to nature between its one aspect of nurture and another aspect of

seeming destruction.

What if you drove your car over an anthill and killed thousands of ants. You may not even be aware of what you did.

In day-to-day life, we attribute intentions to what we do and judge our actions as good and bad based on these intentions.

Intentions are from the mind.  The mind is a composite of different thoughts, feelings and emotions. None by itself is good or bad.

What we do with them may create or destroy.

Lust procreates. Living beings cannot survive without lust. Lust too rapes. Anger helps change. Anger also destroys. So do other

base emotions of greed, delusion and envy. Each has a positive and creative function, while at the same time possessing a seemingly

negative and destructive element.

This is Tao. This is Duality. One does not exist without the other, There can be no concept of good without evil, and heaven without hell.

Both co-exist and overlap. Indulging in one aspect, which we may consider good, would be impossible without indulging in the other, which

we may consider bad.

Shiva advises us to go beyond the duality of these seeming polarities (he does not call them negatives, though ironically

Swami Satyasangananda Saraswathi of Bihar School of Yoga does). He tells us to focus on the roots, the essence of these emotions. At their essence,

they become non-dual without attributes.

This reflection allows us to become disengaged from these emotions. Becoming deeply aware of the emotions, by focusing on where they arise from,

we intuitively gain the capability to exercise them without being controlled by them.

Becoming aware of lust allows us to appreciate beauty without violating it. Becoming aware of anger allows us to focus on issues that need resolution,

without harming individuals. Becoming aware of greed allows us to  move towards goals and outcomes engaging in action, without being obsessed with the

results or fruits of action. Becoming aware of delusion allows us to still dream, without the dream controlling us. Becoming aware of envy allows us to realize our

uniqueness, without wanting to destroy our neighbor.

There are no negatives in our mind, except what we think them to be.