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In this 79 dharana and 104 verse of the Vigyana Bhairava Tantra, Shiva says


Giving up body consciousness and that of others

Conscious that I am everywhere 

Become happy in Shiva state


In this technique, Shiva states what is echoed by the maha vakyas, the great sayings, of the Vedas and Upanishads.

All of them exhorted seekers to identify with the absolute and exalt oneself to the universal energy. I am That,

aham brahmasmi; tat tvam asi, you are that; and other great sayings that talked about the Self, the That-ness, or I-ness,

going beyond the body and mind.

Bhagavan Ramana’s self inquiry was all about this technique. Keep questioning, Ramana said, ask yourself, Who am I, till

you peel all the layers of your mind and body, and reach that which is irreducible. It is seemingly strange, but once

understood easy to grasp that the deeper one travels in unraveling the structure of Who I am, the farther and wider one

travels in understanding that I am Everything.

At our core is our inner energy, the Self, our scriptures, the Upanishads call Atman. This Atman, I-ness, is the holographic

fragment of the Brahman, the Universal Energy, of which we are an integral part. It is this realization that sages termed as

enlightenment. All spiritual seekers travel towards this understanding that we are one with the universal energy, and given this

we too are unlimited in power, potential, performance and energy.

What this realization requires is something very simple. We need to give up our ‘i’ the ego to gain the ‘I’. All we can normally think

about is our body and mind. This is why death is our greatest fear. What am I going to be when I die, we wonder in deep anxiety and fear.

We cannot and do not believe that we are something more than this perishable body and mind. The moment we understand and accept

that we are far more than this transient body mind, and also that we are far more than other bodies and minds that we see around us and

relate to, we realize that we are omnipresent, as another form of expression of the Universal Energy.

In Mahabharata, in the section of yaksha prasna, Yudhishtra answers his father Dharmaraja, when questioned. ‘what is the strangest thing

you experience?’: ‘Everyday we see people die around us. Yet each of us feels we should be immortal. We keep wishing we can live for every.

This is what i find very strange.’

No one wants to die. No one wants one’s own loved ones die. Death of the body to us seems permanent. Death is merely a passage. Energy that was

created returns to that Energy.

There are several meditations we can practice to realise this technique of Shiva. Yoga Nidra is one.