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In this 80 dharana and 105 verse Shiva says


Focusing on the metaphor of a pot with water

Understanding desires to be within and without

Transcend knowledge to Wisdom of Shiva


Shiva uses here the metaphor of a water pot to illustrate difference between knowledge and wisdom.

If you place a pot full of water in a water body, such as a lake, river or sea, is the water in the pot any

different from the water in the lake, river or sea?

What is different and what is not different?

In the same manner as the water inside the pot and outside the pot are the same, and yet separated by

the container appear to be different superficially, our own attitudes as compared to those of others are

different only in perception but not in reality.

We need awareness to move from knowledge to wisdom. Knowledge is about presentation. Wisdom is

about content. In today’s technology driven world, especially the corporate world, what matters is the

presentation. Is it slick, laced with action and music and makes sense to the instinct rather than intelligence?

Speed is prized over value, which is why Microsoft and others could get away with bug ridden releases that

satisfied the lust of early movers.

Knowledge is like lust, physically satisfying and temporary. Wisdom equates with love, embedded deep within,

for ever. Wisdom requires patience and discrimination. Knowledge is about indiscriminate impulse. Those who

know about the Marshmallow test can relate emotional intelligence to this.

Knowledge is dual often multiple. It’s about perceptions.  Water, in and out of the pot, water in a lake, river or sea,

water flowing or still, water to drink or to bathe, is always water, chemically and in reality. However, we perceive each to be

functionally different. Yes, it is and it is not. It is this ability to distinguish between the essential oneness within the

multiple perceptions that Shiva wants us to discover.

We will then find that all that we hold as our personal beliefs, values and desires are universal. We are not anything special.

Every living creature wants what we want. We also realize that to get what we want, others also need to get what they want,

which is the same or similar. Once this realization happens, the ME turns to WE, and the mine to everyone’s.