I acknowledge this graphic from the Net.

In this 81 dharana and 106 verse of Vigyana Bhairava Tantra Shiva says:

Living in subject object relationship

Be alert to the duality

Realize Shiva state 


The theme throughout Vigyana Bhairava Tantra is the way to move beyond duality. In this sense, it is quintessence Vedanta, especially of Shankara.

In a modern sense, this is the essence of Quantum Mechanics or Quantum Physics.

To many of us, most of the time, the distinction between the subject and object, or at least the perception of this distinction,  leads to conflict.

I am of one religion, as the subject, and he or she is of the same or another religion, as the object, is one of the many examples of how this subject object differentiation starts. This relationship, sometimes attractive, and sometime repulsive  is what seems to keep our world going around.

We generalize this relationship based on our perception, our mind map, the conditioned point of view we generate. One with a good past experience of such relationship is attracted to it, and one who has had a negative past experience in such a relationship is frightened or repulsed. Psychologists of all kinds make  a living out of trying to resolve the symptoms arising out such relationships, without even reaching the source cause.

Psychologists of different hues tell me how different and more effective their own disciplines are than others in treating such dysfunctional relationships. One trained in psychodynamics will revile cognitive behavior therapy as being superficial, and another trained in transactional analysis would revile Gestalt. Such behavior is also dysfunctional, from the very experts who are expected to resolve the dysfunction. it is all about my father is better and bigger than yours. The way to make my father bigger, if in reality he is not, is to cut down the size of the other father. How effective!

What causes this duality in perception?

The ego, the ‘I’ ness and ‘mine’ or ‘my’ ness are the root causes. I as the perceiver sees what I perceive based on my conditioning. I do not want to technically debate the nuances of conditioning here. Whatever my past experiences and their memories in my create as my values, beliefs, attitudes, mindsets etc leading to how I think, feel and respond or react to a given situation is the net result of my conditioning. My conditioning would interpret and therefore lead me to act in a different and perhaps violent way when I am faced with a situation of pedophilia or mutilation of women, as opposed to someone from cultures that seemingly condone such activities. Emotions build up and conflict results.

Who do you see in the graphic is a result of your conditioning.

Is it possible for me to go beyond this duality?

The answer is yes, and this leads to Shiva state. If I inquire within as to why I see something differently from another, without harboring any judgment and evaluation, however heinous and repulsive such behavior may seem to me, then i have taken the first step in resolving duality. I may not adopt that behavior, or even adapt to such behavior, but i would have the understanding of why such behavior results. In one sense, i can start seeing the grays, between the black and white. Gradually I reach the colorless unconditioned truth.

What Shiva suggests here is not a mere technique, but a life process that brings us peace and tranquility.