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In this 82 dharana and 107 verse of Vigyana Bhairava Tantra, Shiva says


Become aware of Self and others

With no self expectations

Expand together into all pervasive Shiva state


Shiva’s message in this dharana is an extension of the earlier message of Vedanta to disregard and move beyond duality.

The central trigger for duality is “I” ness, leading to my, mine and such other ego based distinctions.  This self based ego

perception leads to judging and evaluating and treating others differently.


When we move from self , the ego state to Self the non dual state, we move from the periphery to the core. Throughout

our lives we live in the material world, with a conscious separation of I and We. Our sensory perceptions focus

outwards from the periphery. We live the outer world, hardly aware of what goes on in the inner.


The moment we turn our attention inwards from the peripheral self state to the core Self state, our attention expands

from I to We. We literally expand beyond our perishable mind body material boundaries into that imperishable energy state

that is our true nature. This true nature is non dual. There is no subject object differential. The I ness give way to We ness.


Krishna calls this as ‘Vasudeva kutumbakam‘ in Gita. We are not mere islands he says, we are the universal family. Every living

creature in this universe links; every non living object as well. There no I at all, only We.


This too is the message of Quantum Physics, Quantum Mechanics. String Theory, Membrana Theory and all such post Einsteinian

understanding of the Universe we live in as a connected entity. This is the underlying concept of ‘when a butterfly flutters its wings

in China, an earthquake results in Chile’. There are no coincidences, and no accidents in this universe. Everything connects.

Everything is cause and effect. What we do affects us and others, and vice versa.


Desire and expectations are the source cause of I ness. These are the critical expressions of one’s ego. This is why Buddha called

desires to be the source cause of all sorrow, and declared all life to be sorrow. Since Buddha himself showed how to go beyond sorrow,

life need not be all sorrow. By shedding greed we can move from periphery to center.


Krishna’s advice. ‘ As a human you must act, that is your nature. Do what you need to do without obsession to outcome. Surrender

outcome to me.’ This is the most profound and practical advice any scripture of any religion has given. Act without self expectations,

expanding beyond the narrow boundaries of limiting selfness, Krishna says, and wherever you reach is where you are most deserving

to reach.


Accept this simple piece of advice and let go. You will be Shiva, Krishna and all of all divinity.