I acknowledge this graphic from the Net, with Tagore’s Gitanjali offering.


In this 83 dharana and 108 verse of Vigyana Bhairava Tantra, Shiva says

Suspending the mind 

Of all thoughts and feelings

Raise the Self to Shiva state


Perhaps one of my most favorite verses, helping me understand the concept of the no mind or mindless state.


I have said this before, and i need to say it again,  there cannot be a state of mind without any thoughts are feelings

when one is still in the body mind state. The greatest yogis and enlightened masters who existed learnt to suspend these

thoughts and feelings, with complete detachment and disengagement. This is what Krishna calls the yogi state of samatva,

or equanimity in Gita. One that Tagore embodies in his poem ‘ where the mind is without fear, treating success and failure



Scholars can dispute forever, but from a practical standpoint samatva, the equanimous state of no duality, where there is no

fear or greed, anxiety or expectation, dread of failure or orgasm of success, is the ultimate state of truth. This is what Zen calls the

no mind, and i can the mindless state.


People confuse mindfulness with the mindless state. The mindful state is an ego state where the present moment is bounded in

the here and now, through focused concentrated attention. It is the first step not the destination. In mindlessness, time and space

expand. We are in the all-knowing, omniscient space of trikala gnani, where past and future merge into the present.


Mandukya Upanishad defines this as the Fourth State, Turiya, beyond gross, subtle and causal body states, where body mind state

disappears. I can write a book on this alone, and one day I shall. In this state, we are all-knowing, yet knowing nothing. with no

judgment yet wise beyond measure, caring about everything and yet caring about nothing, accepting that whatever happens will be

always for the best.


This is the ultimate state of joy, bliss, acceptance, letting go, gratitude and awareness. This is the Shiva state.


Instead of pointing their finger towards this state, as the great Ramana and Nisargadatta did, today’s false prophets teach

thoughtless meditation. They call it sunya meditation, without even knowing what this meant to Buddha and Shankara, the architects

of non duality. Sunya, or nothingness, does not mean no thoughts, but disengagement from thoughts. Every breath in us indicates our

desire to live.  When inhalation does not follow exhalation, then the desire stops, and we reach sunya of a kind, not while breathing.


I question some of them, if you were thoughtless, how did you remember that state so that you can teach?


You can reach the Turiya, mindless, no mind, state of Shiva though. I have spoken enough of this in earlier blogs.