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Shiva says in this 109 Verse and 84 dharana of Vigyana Bhairava Tantra


All knowing All doing and All pervasive

Meditating that I am that supreme being

Reach Shiva state


What does Shiva guide us to do here?

I did look up Laxman Joo and found little to enlighten me. So I asked Shiva!


A while ago, i attended an advanced program in Neuro Linguistic Programming,

and as part of the program, the group underwent training in deep trance techniques in pairs.

The process involved accessing one’s unconscious mind, and in that state seek to talk

to a chosen guide who one wanted to learn from and at the end of about fifteen minutes

become that persona. In that state of deep trance modelling the chosen guide, one then

responded to one’s partner. The partner then took the person in the trance state around the room,

and in some cases outside to interact with strangers. This was a fascinating experience.


While others chose living role models, I first chose Ramana Maharishi, long dead.

As Ramana, I automatically imitated his posture of sitting and went into a deep

contemplative mood, answering questions very slowly and intensely. All of this happened without

cognition and premeditation. Inside me i felt a deep sense of peace and fulfillment.


Later outside of that class I experimented with this deep trance experience, this time

as Shiva.  Shiva has long since been my metaphor. Not the Shiva who was all-knowing,

all doing and all-pervasive as this verse says, but the deeply tranquil Shiva as the yogi,

the all-being, supremely aware intelligence. What happened was unexpected. I just froze.

I could not  think or do anything. The contemplative state of Ramana that I experienced was

superficial when compared to this state of tranquility. This was an experience that is difficult

to explain in words.

My own understanding of Shiva is somewhat different from this verse. Going deep into an

awareness as Shiva, i have no recollection of power, knowledge or expansion. In fact, I am not sure

what I was aware of, except that I was deeply aware.

Was this the Fourth State in Mandukya Upanishad?  Was this a flight of fancy, an illusion? If so, is all

meditation illusory?


I have only questions, no answers. I have an experience, but no explanation. I suggest you too try the same.

Visualize deeply you are Shiva. You do not know what may happen. You may become Shiva!