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In this 86th dharana and 111 verse from Vigyana Bhairava Tantra Shiva says:


Whirling around falling to ground

Let agitation end

To reach Shiva state 


Is this the fabled Shiva tandava, dance of Shiva, that Shiva refers to? of course, in what we read about as his dance of creation or destruction, we are not told about him falling down and resting, though in his other aspects Shiva can be completely at rest and meditative.

Laxman Joo talks about a walking trip, in his example to Amarnath shrine, walking for hours, and then resting completely exhausted. In that state of rest, when the body is exhausted and the mind just wants to rest, one can reach a powerful state of relaxation, rest, peace and self-realization.

To me, this verse brings up a far more vivid picture of a dancer, not a walker. I can visualize a dancer, in ballet, bharatanatyam and any other firm, modern or classic, whirling, swirling, moving, with the body continuously in motion till exhaustion and then unable to move any further, not even one step, the dancer falling down and resting. Or it can be a marathon runner or sprinter moving till the body and mind give up, going far beyond the ‘wall’ that runners experience. My most vivid picture comes from the Sufi dancers, the whirling dervishes. In real life, I am sure the dervish falls down exhausted in a state of complete surrender, which I believe to be the purpose of the whirl.

Shiva’s dharana is about movement. It is about moving the body as much as it can take, and when it cannot take any more, to rest both body and mind. Anyone who has indulged in active physical effort knows that it is not the body that gives up; it is the mind that surrenders. The exhaustion that hits one at some point in the body movement is the cry of the mind saying it cannot take any more. It is a cry of surrender.

Shiva says at that state, resting the body and mind completely, surrendering totally to whatever may then arise, one reaches that powerful Shiva state.

Try this if your body is willing. I have trained marathon runners with this dharana and found it effective in helping them relax and find new limits of endurance. Shiva’s purpose is running the life’s marathon, and helping us find new levels of potential and performance.