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In this 87 dharana and 112 verse of Vigyana Bhairava Tantra Shiva says:


Being unable to know or being in no mind

Without agitation of energy of absorption

Reach Shiva state


An extremely subtle, and therefore profound and powerful insight that Shiva invokes in us here.

Knowing happens through the senses of sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste, our doors of perception. What we perceive through the senses is filtered, interpreted and stored as knowledge. These senses, and the ability to perceive, are manifestations of our internal energy.

What happens if one or more of these senses do not perform? What if one is blind, deaf, cannot feel, touch or smell? Does the energy disappear?

What happens at the next level, when the senses do perceive but the mind cannot assimilate what is received and interpret enable us to use that knowledge of perception? That capability too is a part of our internal energy. Does that energy disappear if the assimilation or absorption capability stops?

Shiva says no!

In fact, Shiva says that this are good things to happen, when we cannot sense because the senses are incapable of performance, or when the mind cannot absorb what is perceived. He says that the agitation of the mind stops and Shiva state happens.

What happens here?

Our mind is constantly in agitation with the streams of information hitting us from all sides. With greater communication capabilities, no thanks to technology, we are bombarded by billions of bytes of data every minute. We think of this as knowledge in a Descartian way. All that this information flow received by us through the senses does is to agitate the mind, and leads to the false belief that we are gathering knowledge.

Look at it this way. When I travel abroad, which happens fairly regularly, i do not see Indian TV, read Indian news or make any effort to know what is going on in India. I am now in the US already for 2 months and will be here another. The absence of knowledge has made no difference to me, either at work or life.

There may be curiosity, but if that curiosity is not fulfilled no damage results. In fact, I feel more energized without knowing about all that goes on around me.

Shiva says that the energy that is otherwise spent in agitating the mind, when deprived of sensory inputs and mental interpretation, will now turn inwards into realization of the Shiva state.

Try this simple experiment, without a need to blind yourself, or make yourself dumb or whatever. Stop reading newspapers and stop watching television. Do this for a week at least. Study what happens. This may surprise you.