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In this 89th dharana and 115 Verse of the Vigyana Bhairava Tantra, Shiva says:

Standing above a deep well or an abyss

Fixing one’s eyes freed of thoughts

Mind dissolves reaching Shiva state


What happens when one looks down into depths that one cannot see the end of? What happens to the vision? What happens to the mind that interprets the vision sensation? When a scene is too panoramically vast for the eyes to cover in one snap as a picture, our eyes cope by shifting. What happens when our eyes cannot do that as they looked into unending depths of an abyss?

Why is it that our vision is so shallow most of the time, confined to what we can perceive only in the near term: quarterly results; the next date; the next bonus or promotion. As a coach, when I request clients to look beyond, say 25 years from where they are now, it is a huge task, a task that makes them look into the abyss, the end of which they cannot see.

Try this for size. Envision what you would like to be at 65 or 70 if you are in thirties or forties. Envision holistically, since you would most likely not be spending 12 hours a day at your work desk or laptop or phone. Integrate work and life, career and wealth creation with relationships and health, performance with joy and learning, self needs with service. Then step back 5 years at a time checking what you need to be at that time to become what you wish to be at 65. When you reach 3 to 5 years from today, the near term vision arising from this Life@65Back as my son terms it, will be as different as day from night.

What changed?

You looked into the abyss. In the abyss you found your true self. All of us do.

Ramana Maharishi looked into the abyss when he had the death experience. Joseph Campbell talks about the abyss when he talks about the ‘call’. Paul Coelho’s Santiago looked into the abyss when he embarked on his Alchemist journey. Eckhart Tolle had his abyss moment that he wrote about in Power of Now. I looked into my own several years ago and transformed.

Many of us have looked into the abyss. Many of us didn’t like what we saw and moved away. Had we persisted, we would have looked into the unending depths of our soul. Thoughts stop and the mind stills. In an instant we move from knowing to the not knowing,  from knowledge to wisdom, from the sensory mindfulness to the aware mindlessness. Try it and transform.