I acknowledge this graphic from the Net of Tagore’s poem in his handwriting.

In this 90th dharma and 116th verse of Vigyana Bhairava Tantra, Shiva says:


Wherever the mind goes, in or out

It is in Shiva state, where else can it go?

Siva is all-pervasive, be there


Do we have the courage to do what Shiva asks us to do here?

Whether one is a learner or an adept, we like to train our minds.  Masters, most anyway, have failed in mastering the mind, and yet advise the unwary to attempt that. The unwary learners know no better and listen. All guidelines, whether in yoga or tantra, start with mind control; at advanced levels they are all about letting go. Asana, pranayama, pratyahara , dhyana and all these techniques start with mindfulness. However, stopping there will not get us to the destination, or to the journey proper.

In yoga, the ultimate state of mind is that of no mind. The mind needs to dissolve into energy. There should be no mind either in the body or outside the body. The energy witnesses the mind body when one reaches that level of disengagement. This is mindlessness.

Krishna calls it the yogi state in Gita, the state of equanimity or samatva. In its end point, it is the surrender of the mind that Krishna talks about, about us surrendering our mind. Ramakrishna said that Gita is about surrender, and that is what Shiva is saying here.

What is the Shiva state?

The word Shiva means auspiciousness, a state of fulfillment that happens on its own with no effort, no cause, for no purpose. If one has to attempt it, contrive it, force it, it will never happen.  if you let it be, it will. Letting it be, accepting what happens, surrendering to what happens are qualities that have disappeared from our lexicons.  We have learnt that unless we work at it, sweat tears, sweat and blood, what we wish will not happen.

Shiva says: work smarter not harder.

If the mind wanders, let it. Let it seek its objects of desire. Keep in mind Krishna’s dictum in Gita: do what you need to do, but don’t be obsessed with what needs done. Disengage from the result, while engaging in action. If this appears foolish, it is also the essence of Six Sigma, the corner-stone of today’s quality principle. This can only happen when a Tagore says, the mind is without fear and the head is held high. If we do it right, it neither greed nor fear, unaffected by pain or pleasure, the journey will be right, and the destination would be right too. Shiva will there waiting for us.