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In this 93 dharana and 119 verse of Vigyana Bhairava Tantra Shiva says:

With deeply emotional memories such as of home and land

Drop the mind and body

Reach Shiva state


During my early spiritual practice, I went through a deep exploration of my past, of memories both pleasurable and painful.

With deep meditation as my only guide, I uncovered long forgotten incidents that still affected me deeply when I recollected

them. So powerful and valuable was this exercise that I have helped others go through this for themselves and benefit.


The key to this practice to me was to take responsibility for whatever happened in my life that affected me and others deeply

emotionally and otherwise, and then let it go. The past as it happened cannot be changed. Regents and guilt serve no purpose

if they do not create the awareness of not repeating what we did in the past. Going to confession on Sundays, or to the temple on Fridays,

putting a few coins as offering to the Almighty is hypocritical if we keep doing what we seemingly regret.


The process of reliving to relieve the burden of the past is a powerful technique. It is not about wallowing in guilt or pleasure, but about

clinically observing one’s on inner feelings as these memories are relived. This process requires detachment as well as acceptance. This leads

to relieving. There is no hypnosis or recession or trance of any kind involved here.  The process is one of deep meditation, that is not about mindfulness,

but about the no-mind no-body mindlessness leading to an energized state.


Shiva tells us here to go so deeply into the emotional experience of powerful past memories that we become detached and support less,

mindless and bodyless, experiencing only the energy of the emotions. In such a state, we become truly aware. In that awareness, simultaneously

the state of emptiness of mind body and fulfillment of energy, we are guided in our journey.


There is a Hawaiian healing practice called Ho Opono Pono that I have blogged about earlier. Dr. Hew Len, who practiced this with

criminally insane patients with amazing results, thought not only about himself, but also about others through inner reflection of his own self.

Hew Len took responsibility not only for his own actions, but also for those of others and asked for forgiveness and love. This is the true Shiva state of collective

consciousness we call Brahman.