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In this 94 dharana and 120 verse of Vigyana Bhairava Tantra, Shiva says:


Gazing at something for a while

Withdrawing with its impression 

Reach the mindless state of Shiva


You need to try this dharana out to experience for yourself. After looking briefly at an image or picture or whatever,

disengage and reflect internally, and observe what happens.


Let us say that you gazed briefly at the picture of a loved one. As you see, what predominate is the sense of sight.

If you are truly focused on the seeing aspect, the remaining senses are disconnected. Even the mind does not interfere

when you are engaged in seeing. This allows the picture to be stored in your mind’s eye.


Look away and move inwards. If needed, close your eyes. Reflect on what is stored in your mind’s eye. You will observe

other sensory inputs coming into play. These impressions have been stored in your mind for a long time. Now that you have

catalyzed the process through that brief gaze, all other stored sensory impressions rise. If what you have gazed at is something

not very deeply connected, then the quantity and quality of sensory impressions attached to that picture would be less.


Now detach yourself from the emotions associated with the picture or image, and allow the mind to be freed from the sensory impressions.

If you are truly detached, the thoughts and feelings that arise may surprise you. Many may be unconnected with the stored impressions.

You reach the void or the mindless space of true awareness and intuition, and from the limits mindful state of the present moment, the mind

moved without effort into the space of not knowing. Until you experience this, what I say will not make much sense to you.


You can put this dharana to great practical use. Think of a problem scenario that you desperately want a resolution to. See it as a picture

or see a picture associated with the problem. Move out of the seeing and reflect on what you have observed. Then detach and allow the mind to

move in meditatively. Seeds of thought arise within you. You can observe them much before they surface connected with emotions. At the seed state,

these thoughts are not video files, but mere text files. What they bring up will help resolve your problems.


You can draw a rough parallel with dreaming. Dreams too bring up solutions. However, this is a conscious process, whereas in dreaming, a subconscious

process one does not have control. In awareness terms, this dharana takes us to the boundary of the third and fourth states of awareness, whereas

dreaming is the second state of awareness.


Through this dharana you can create your future.