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In this 97th dharana and 123 verse of Vigyana Bhairava Tantra, Shiva says:

Pure or impure is not about polarities

Going beyond mind movements

Reach the pure Shiva state 


Though experts call this a dharana on purity, I see this as a technique to go beyond all polarities. What Shiva refers to as purity, being pure

or impure, can also be good or bad, right or wrong, rational or emotional and such other polarities we delight to label actions and people with.


Polarities create dilemmas in us. We become uncertain on what to do, why and how. Often, unconscious memories and conditioning, leading to

buried values and beliefs dictate our choice of polarities. Selection of one in a polarity of two or even more does not ever solve a problem. All that

we gain is a temporary solution that often leads to regrets longer term.


Think about you own life when you have had to make difficult choices, be in work or life. Did you live with no regrets of what it could have been had

you chosen the alternative fork? You may have chosen the greener grass, but did that dry up and the pasture you left bloomed better some time later?


The simple truth is that there is no one truth. All truths are false. They are illusory. They are maya. Dilemmas and polarities of choosing between options,

called vikalpa in Sanskrit, needs to go beyond the options. Two truths need to lead to a third transcendental truth. We need to not merely compromise or reconcile

as some experts suggest, when faced with dilemmas and options, but go beyond them to that state of stillness of mind that sees beyond mind maps.


This dharana leads naturally from the previous one on focusing. When focused we can only see one truth, which is never the truth.  Om is not the only mantra.

Shiva is not the only savior. When we disengage from what we believe to be true, were taught to be true, were conditioned to accept as true is always untrue. The

universal truth, Brahman, is not about this or that. It is also not about this and that. It is always beyond this and that.


That is the real meaning of that glorious Upanishad verse that says:

Poornamadah poornamidam; poornat poornamudachyate; poornasya poornamadaya poornameva vasishyate; om shanti shanti shantihi.

That is true and this is true; from that truth arises this truth; if you take away this truth from that Truth still remains; may peace be on us.


You may have never read this translation before. Think about it. This truth, your and my truth is polarized. That Truth is eternal and transcendental.

Only that Truth is Shiva.