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In this 98 dharana and 124th verse of Vigyana Bhairava Tantra, Shiva says

Bhairava reality is everywhere, including ordinary 

Knowing that nothing other than him exists

Reach the non dual Shiva state


Shiva’s advice here is one of the most simple and yet most profound, and therefore, possibly the most difficult. In life, right from birth,

we learn to look at everything around us in duality. We are conditioned from the time we start from our parents and other caregivers to

distinguish between right and wrong, good and evil, friends and strangers, acceptable and unacceptable and several other such dualities.

As we grow up we learn other more sophisticated dualities such as one religion vs another, one culture vs another and so on to cultivate

attitudes of xenophobia and other judgmental dualities.


These dualities make us feel secure, seemingly. We believe we now have a frame work to judge events and people, on the basis of what we can benefit

from and what may affect us adversely. We learn flight or fight responses, no longer instinctively as nature taught us and stored in our reptilian memory

data base, but intelligently and intellectually as artificial supplementary knowledge. Like the parental control on a computer or TV, these dualities, the

seemingly negative ones enter our blocked channels, automatically meeting with disapproval. We create mind maps based on these perception of dualities.

The choice of the road less travelled is never conscious, but based on the duality perceptions stored in our unconscious mind.


Dualities create dilemmas, necessitating a choice between two or more. The problem with choosing between dilemmas, however carefully done, however much

we blend the heart with the head, is that at a later date with added wisdom the choice we made earlier does not look all that attractive, We could have chosen better

partners, jobs, houses, cars; the list is endless. The road we chose as less travelled, because the grass seemed greener now seems worse for wear and browner. Results

are regret, guilt, anger, frustration, helplessness and a host of such feelings.


There is a way out. Instead of choosing the truth you are conditioned to,  between two options or more in a dilemma, look for the Third Truth. The Third Truth lies beyond the

choices inherent in a dilemma. In nature, there is no dilemma, Nature nurtures and kills. Shiva is the destroyer who creates, and therefore the rejuvenator. Youth is

not the opposite of old age, it is an inescapable progression. Once we learn to see the Third Truth, and integrate the choices to the Third Truth, we make the right choices, non dually.

That is where Shiva lies.


Shiva is the ardha nareeswara, man woman, half Shiva half Shakti; he is the creator and destroyer; he is the passive principle, and the source of the active; he is matter

and he is energy. He is the ultimate non dual element. Once you enter this space of non duality, you are mindless, with no judgment, not knowing, free to flow wherever

it takes you.


Look for the Third Truth.