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In this 102nd verse and 128 dharana of Vigyana Bhairava Tantra , Shiva says

Focusing on the unsupported, omnipresent, incalculable void of outer space

Enter into the state of fulfillment and

Realize Shiva State


In the previous verse as well Shiva spoke of the void. Here he adds another dimension of outer space to clarify what he earlier mentioned as the void.


As I explore this verse and meditate on it what strikes me is this. Hindu philosophies such as Sankya talk of five elements or tanmatras, which are the

fundamental building blocks of created objects. These are earth, water, fire, air and space. In the earlier verse, it appears Shiva talked about approaching

him from the mind body state. He talked of moving into the space of all that cannot be known, understood or visualized in order to realize him. The mind

body state comprises the visible and experienced elements such as earth, water, fire and air, of which we re made and in which we live. The state of akasa, or

space, also called ether, in neither visible to us nor experienced by us.


When he tells us to focus on a state that we cannot sense or experience, how we approach this seeming impossibility?  What is this akasa, the outer space?

What is this element that we do not experience and which does not seem to be a part of us?


The first four elements of earth, water, fire and air form the mind body stuff of which we are made. These are the perishable and changing building blocks of

all creation, what we term as matter. Akasa, space, is the underlying energy principle, which is permanent, unchanging and that which cannot be created or

destroyed. Akasa, space, is that which is always there, was, is and always will be. It is the stuff this universe is made of.


In another sense, though purists will scoff, the first four tanmatras are part of Prakriti, nature, Shakti, the active creative principle. Akasa, the fifth principle is

part of Purusha, the underlying, seemingly inactive absolute creative principle of Shiva. There is nothing beyond Shiva. He is the absolute Truth of Brahman.

He is the void.


The mere awareness of this void, the space that we can reach when we realize the impermanence of our perishable mind body leads us to Shiva. Bhagwan Ramana spoke

constantly of self enquiry. Who is this that says or thinks or does, he would ask us to enquire. What was he leading to? What was he alluding to? By enquiring in this

manner, we can realize that we are not the perishable elements of mind and body, made of earth, water, fire and air, but a far more stable and imperishable energy

that stays on even after the mortal body mind is destroyed or self destructs. We move from the bonds of Prakriti into the freedom of Purusha.

Welcome to the liberating void of Shiva!


In the Buddhist tradition, the metta meditation helps us to move beyond the mind body space into an energy beyond. So does Vipassana. In these meditative states it is

possible to experience the void, the no mind, no body, energy state, and obtain a glimpse of the state of Shiva.