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Never did I not exist, nor you, nor all these kings

None of us will ever cease to exist 2.12

These words of Krishna need to be pondered day after day throughout one’s life. Even then, we may not embed the consciousness of these words within us.

What does Krishna mean? This is an epigram of a few selected words, which can be amplified to several books to be read over a life time.

Shankara’s commentary says: Never did I cease to exist. On the other hand, I always existed through bodily births and deaths in multiple life times. Same is true of you and all these rulers of men. We shall never cease to exist. We shall continue to exist even after this body perishes, as the Self, the Atman, the imperishable energy in the past, present and future.

It is the body, and if one wishes to add the mind as part of the body, the mind body that perishes as a material object, when we die. All material objects that are created will eventually perish. There is no exception. Matter perishes.

Here Krishna says no. He says it is an illusion that the matter, that is you and I, perishes. He affirms we live on, that we never cease to exist. What does he mean?

Krishna was ahead of Einstein by several thousand years. He says here that nothing gets destroyed. A corollary to this would be that nothing gets created either. Is it all a cosmic illusion of the same stuff getting recycled? Isn’t that what Einstein says? Isn’t this what is the basis of all Quantum Science?

How often do we go behind and beyond the statements we learnt in elementary school such as Energy can neither be created nor destroyed? The same would be true of matter as well, as Krishna says. If matter converts into energy through the immortalised formula E=mC2, is it not true that energy can produce matter?

What happens as human population increases? What then decreases to allow this to happen, if the total energy is constant? Is it constant within the time and space constraints of this tiny Earth of ours, or is it a constant across this universe or even several universes?

The more we think about this, the more we move out of our own time space constraints. We are an insignificant piece, time space constrained as a material body, programmed to perish within a time frame. We are also the ultimate, a piece of the universal hologram, which is time space independent, and is forever, morphing but never increasing or decreasing.

We are the destructible matter. We are the imperishable energy. We can choose what we wish to be!

Reflect on this. This is where science meets spirit, thanks to Krishna