bhagavad gita









Weapons cut It not Fire burns It not 

Water wets it not 

Wind dries It not 

It cannot be cut, burnt, moistened or dried

It is everlasting, stable, firm

Eternal and universal 


Krishna mentioned in the earlier verse that the passage from life to death is akin to changing one’s clothes. The clothes in this case are the mind body and the entity that changes the clothes is the everlasting energy underlying the mind body. He implies that this transition from life to death should not evoke the fear it does in us, since very little actually changes; at least very little of anything that matters.

In this verse, Krishna goes further. He explains graphically how that energy within us, that energy which continues even after the mind body perishes, cannot be destroyed by any of the elements that make up the mind body system.

Earth, in this case a weapon of steel that comes out of the earth, water, fire and wind have no effect on the energy that is the source of these elements. That which has been created cannot affect the creator. It is significant that Krishna does not mention the fifth element akasa, which is commonly translated as ‘ether’ or space as one of the created elements that cannot affect the energy of the spirit.

Is the fifth element, therefore, the ultimate energy of the universe, which is indestructible, everlasting, stable and firm?

In the chakra energy system in which kundalini is the inner energy residing in the mind body system, the journey is for kundalini to emerge from its seat in the muladhara chakra and travel through five other chakras  to reach and merge with its ultimate destination of the universal energy in the sahasrara. In a sense, this is also a journey of our life as we evolve.

In Tantra, the muladhara chakra is considered to be of the earth element, swadishthana of water, manipuraka of fire, anahata of air and vishuddhi of ether. If one were to superimpose Krishna’s verse on the chakra system, the sahasrara chakra ought to represent akasa, the ultimate energy.

Are there several layers of energy corresponding to the three upper chakras?

While explaining samadhi, the ultimate state of mind body spirit congruence in Yoga, some of our scriptures talk about not one but several states of samadhi. In fact, some talk about infinite states of samadhi, as one gateway leading into another. To me this concept is in line with Quantum Physics and the concept of Singularity.

Singularity exists in theory, and has not been experienced; so too perhaps samadhi. No one who has experienced this state has emerged to tell us of their experience. Those who have claimed to have experienced this state and talked about it perhaps cannot be believed!