I am an accidental Coach.

This blog is only partly about me. It is mostly about you, the reader. It is also about Zen, Tao, Buddha, Shankara, Shiva, Jesus and Spirituality. It is about how you and i connect with the Cosmos.

I have a dream. It is to make everyone go to bed with positive intents and wake up smiling, ready to go. This is possible.

So, what i write about is a mix of many things i have learnt to make myself happy, contended and in harmony with the world i live in. Hope it helps in some way.

I am a business person turned coach. I have run companies big and small, helped start-up operations through mentoring and funding, taught management and self-development programs, dabbled in spirituality and meditation, wrote several books ……..yet, learning still remains the journey.

When i stop learning, there is nothing to live for.