§       Engineer turned business builder and CEO, my career success has been due to a natural ability to form teams and motivate them to peak performance. I empathize with the Level 5 Leadership concept of Jim Collins.
§       Transitioning from an MNC through a family owned group CEO, I helped build a billion dollar conglomerate with over a dozen cross-cultural JVS.
§       Moved away from formal corporate responsibilities to a serial entrepreneur and start up coach, to help fulfill visions of people wanting to build successful institutions.




From 1981 till 1988, when I headed the technical operations of the Foods Division of Hindustan Unilever India, all company management trainees went through a stint at the Integrated Rural Development in Etah District, UP, India, which I managed along with the Dairy Products plant. Coached, mentored and counseled about 200 young men and women, many of whom later bloomed into corporate chiefs, during a very rigorous part of their training. In addition, I mentor coached dozens of colleagues and subordinates in furthering their careers, enhancing their performances and balancing their lives.


From 1988 till 1991, as CEO of two companies of the Anand Group in Delhi, India that I turned around to profitability, I coached and led groups of executives in a Total Quality Management and Productivity revolution, which enabled Anand Group to become a market and technology leader.


From 1991 till 1998, as Group CEO of Bakrie & Brothers, Indonesia, coached and led a team of Indonesian and multinational managers from over 12 global joint ventures, while building a billion dollar group from a ten million dollar facility.


From 1999 till 2004, as a Coach Consultant of Crucible Consulting Corporation, Singapore, advised Governments of Indonesia and Singapore on development of small and medium entrepreneurs and personally worked with over a dozen start up operations in incubation as angel investor.


During this period, designed, trained and taught programs in Leadership, Team Building, Quality, Intrapreneurship, Lean Management, Corporate Ethics etc in India, Indonesia and Singapore.




From 2005-2010:


  • Taught Self Development and Emotional Management programs designed as Life Solutions to over 2000 people globally in small groups of ten to fifteen, from all walks of life as part of a spiritual quest.
  • Ghost wrote 30 books.
  • Adjunct Professor for on line University for students in postgraduate and research programs in Vedic Scriptures.





From early in my career:

  • I had a deep interest in psychology and human behavior in corporate environment. I studied and attended programs relating to TA, NLP, Meditation, Zen, Tao, Energy Psychology etc. and put into practise what I learnt in building teams, motivating and leading people.


  • My analyical skills as an engineer, combined with the right brain activation through these learnings,  integrated me holistically as a problem solver who could stand aside and help others to solve their own life issues.


  • I evolved from a Jungian archetype of an aggressive leader who ran companies and peoples’ lives to a more humane, sensitive and empathic fellow human.







§       Mechanical Engineering Honours Graduate, Madras, India

§       Fellow, Institution of Engineers, India

§       Member Mensa

§       Ex YPO member

§       Founder member, Singapore chapter, The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE), Santa Clara

§       Elected Member of various Industry Associations and Social Organizations