RAMS Transformational Coaching for Teams & Individuals

What is the real issue in corporations?

  • All business, within the organization and outside, is about relationships and communication. Relationships build on trust. Trust begins within.

  • What seem to be poor performance, poor team behavior, or high turnover, originate in lack of trust that executives have in themselves.
  • This lack of self-trust manifests as lack of trust in others.

Is there a solution?

  • Trust building within and in others requires self- awareness.
  • Lack of trust stems from past experiences that embed strong emotional memories within the unconscious mind. Logical left-brain analysis is incapable of resolving these memories.
  • Negative emotional memories can be re-experienced and relieved through holistic right brain techniques.
  • Upon reliving and relieving negative emotion laden memories, result oriented thoughts can be inputted leading to positive behavior.
  • This iterative process transforms the mindset of the individual.

What is the process?

  • The process creates self-awareness. It also enhances the individual’s emotional quotient.
  • The process is a combination of ontological questioning and meditative contemplation, structured in a solution based framework.
  • The individual does these exercises with only support from the coach.
  • Whatever solution emerges is that of the individual client and therefore empowers the client.

Where is this process most effective?

  • Transformational Coaching Model can be used in groups as well as individuals.
  • It is very effective when corporations use this with a formal team of multi functional executives engaged in a common objective.
  • A clearly defined and measurable goal can then be set as outcome of the coaching process.

How is the Transformational Coaching process structured?

  • HR Department should do pre-assessment through Myers Brigs or equivalent and a 360-degree evaluation of team members. These when repeated after the process measures effectiveness.
  • The process will start with a team coaching session lasting 2 days. This session will have defined modules, each of about 2 hours. These modules will be customized based on the team objectives as well as individual profiles. Ideally, team size should be 12 or below.
  • The team coaching will be followed by 10 to 12 weekly sessions with each individual, structured within one day. Each weekly session, after individual coaching of about an hour with each person, will conclude with a group coaching of the team and a review session.
  • The process may take up to 12 weeks. Each individual will spend 2 days in the initial team coaching session, followed by one hour each week individually and about two hours each week as group.
  • From a Coach’s perspective, for a group of 10, total time involved will be about 40 hours of group coaching and 120 hours of individual coaching, over a 12 week period.
  • This process can be used for individuals as well.

What is the outcome?

  • Transformational Coaching process produces a measurable improvement in the behavioral attributes of the individual, as well as in the performance of the team as a whole towards the common objective.

Why I am I Qualified?

  • After 35 years of experience in building businesses for myself and others and running them, I spent 5 years in a life changing spiritual experience.
  • I have the background of business experience as well as extremely powerful self-awareness and life changing techniques.
  • I am now active in advising businesses as a mentor, coach and consultant.